In 2007, former Denver Broncos' cheerleader, Jenn Kelly helped to spearhead an initiative where Broncos' cheerleaders would help gather "basic" goods and send them to our troops overseas.

Kelly was told about the need for necessary supplies for men and women from her fiance. That year the Cheerleaders collected, boxed, and shipped supplies and Christmas gifts to a small group of Colorado Soldiers.

These days the collection of supplies as grown, last year they collected thousands of pounds of hygiene, food, and fun items. The program has been so successful that the organization "Colorado Supporting Our Troops" has come in to help pack, and distribute the items to units most in need.

Freddy's Restaurants will once again serve as collection sites along the Front Range through the month of November. Freddy's is a partner because the founder is a proud WWII vet. If you would like to donate, please drop off items at any of Freddy's locations. For the one nearest you, check out their website.

The Denver Broncos' Cheerleaders list these items as the most requested:
Snack Ideas:
*Beef Jerky
*Protein Powder
*Ground Coffee and dried creamer
*K-cups for Keurig coffee machines
*Trail Mixes
*Freeze Dried Fruits
Chips (individually wrapped)
Cookies (individually packaged)
Pre-Packaged Baked Goods
Holiday Candy (no chocolate)
Granola Bars
Fruit Snacks
To-Go Drink Packets
Tuna in a Bag
Snack Pack Puddings

Hygiene Items:
*Gold Bond Foot/Body Powder
*Baby Wipes
*Lotrimin Foot Care Products
*Cortisone Cream
Deodorant (unscented)
Bar Soap (unscented)
Shaving Equipment
Moisturizing Eye Drops
Lotion (unscented)
Antibacterial gel (non-alcohol)
Mouthwash (travel size/alcohol-free)

Other Holiday Gifts:
*Broncos Gear
*Pre-Paid Phone Cards
*Thick Cotton/Wool Socks (calf high)
*Posters of Colorado
*Twin Flannel Sheets
Puzzle Books
Holiday Decor

* most commonly requested items