Now I know, many folks don't care about pro basketball these days, especially after the way things happened this last off season. But, even if you are just a Colorado sports fan you have to be happy with what the Nuggets are doing, and namely what they did this weekend. The Nuggets have won 12 of their 17 games, and got a huge win Saturday night when they beat former Nugget, Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks.

Because I know how the majority of the general public feels about the NBA these days, I usually keep my basketball thoughts to myself. I couldn't help myself today though. As a former season ticket holder for the Nuggets, and a committed follower even before the Carmelo Anthony days, it really pushed my buttons when Carmelo Anthony left town. Not because I thought we needed him, or he was my favorite player, but because of all the support, time, money, and energy spent cheering him on for almost 8 years. It meant nothing to him.

Anthony was offered more money to stay in Denver, but he still refused to sign the Nuggets generous contract. He wanted to, like many other NBA stars, build an all-star team in New York with his buddy and fellow star, Amar'e Stoudemire. All this whining and complaining came from Carmelo as his long time coach was home battling cancer and the Nuggets were trying to push their way into the playoffs.

Finally late last season, Carmelo was traded where he begged to go, and in return the Nuggets received Italian player Danilo Gallinari among others. Gallo, as he is sometimes called, is possibly the Nuggets best player without having to shoot the ball 35 times a game like Carmelo did, and doesn't mind letting someone else be the star for the night if it helps the team win. And winning is what the Nuggets are doing! Denver is now 12-5 on the season.

On the other end of the story the New York Knicks, with their two superstars, are now 6-10.

Because of the lock-out, the Knicks don't make the trip to Denver this season, but the Nuggets did play the Knicks in New York on Saturday night. Nuggets coach George Karl even admitted it was a big game with a lot of emotion attached, which coaches don't do often. It took two overtimes, but the Nuggets and their team with heart beat Carmelo and the Knicks team with all of their talent. Heart beats talent again! By the way Gallinari scored a career-high 37 points in the game, 12 more than Anthony, all while taking fewer shots.

I am proud of the Nuggets, and even more proud not to have Carmelo Anthony.