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When you woke up Thursday morning in Northern Colorado, there definitely was a chill in the air. But did you realize that in parts of the state it was so cold that records were almost broken?

According the CBS Denver 4, a temperature of -51 degrees was recorded on December 17th at the Antero Reservoir weather station. The reservoir is located in Park County, Colorado.

This ties the coldest temperature ever recorded at that station, which was set on February 8th, 1989.

The announcement was made that the record was tied after the National Weather Service had the ability to view all materials and thermometers to confirm the temperature.

How far is that temperature from the lowest temperature ever recorded throughout the entire state? Surprisingly, not far off at all!

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Colorado was -61 degrees in the town of Maybell which is located in Moffat County. That temperature was recorded on February 1st, 1985.

Antero Reservoir is currently closed to the public as they rehabilitate Antero Dam.