Do you believe in ghosts? It's a question that science says it can answer soundly with a NO, but there are too many stories that tell this believer that the dead are hear, haunting, taunting and eavesdropping.

The Huffington Post asked their followers and got some creepy details and about ghosts, including pictures, I even have my own experiences. (my experiences are far greater than the examples of my kids here, I have stories about my mom and grandpa too-crazy, wild stuff, maybe I'll tell you those stories someday too)

I know that for me there have been too many situations that can't be explained away by science, ghosts, spirits or echos of those who have past have to exist. I can remember not too long ago I had just fed the cat's in the hallway near Colton's room and as I was walking away I felt that someone was watching me, I turned around and although I saw nothing, there was someone standing in front of his door, I felt the presence of someone there. I was not scared, I actually cried softly in happiness believing that Colton was still around and keeping an eye on me. Another time I was watching TV in bed while my James was out of town, like the kids and I would do often and I turned to where Ashley had always chosen to lay and it was like she was lying there as she had done many times, there was no indentation in the bed and no form appeared, but either her "ghost" was there or my love for such activities keeps her 'echo' near me, especially when even I don't know how much I need that at any given time.

Do you have a ghost or ghost like story? One of my girlfriends that was close to Ashley, like and auntie, always use to have yoga pant discussions with Ashley, the best brand etc... last weekend my Rochelle looked high and low for her two black pairs of yoga pants, even asked her husband to look and they could not find even one pair, the next day Rochelle opened one of her drawers and right there on top of everything else were here two pairs of black yoga pants, she swears Ashley was messing with her. Tell me your story, I want to hear. :)