Planning a vacation is almost more work than working, the only difference, once you're done getting ready for the vacation you actually wake up on the beach not tangled in your sheets that you should have changed last weekend. But in all the chaos leading up to the vacation with all of the check lists, pet sitter, house sitter etc... do you clean the house before you go on vacation?

Vacation Collage D Dennison

I recently went on vacation, it's a bi-annual trip with 25 other people made up of family and friends from various parts of the country. This trip I packed for days, I swear I started on Monday and finished Thursday night for a Friday departure. In packing I would go through the clothes I wanted to take and lay them on the bed and then choose what I would take, by the end of it, the bedroom was a mess. And I had little bits of vacation clutter all over. Once my bags were packed, I thought that I would clean, no... I ended up merely straightening the place up, a little tidy up kind of run through as my Zachariah and his band had a show at the Boot Grill in Fort Collins.

Friday morning came quick that week, as James was loading the car after work, I walked around picking things up, but really thought boy this is gonna suck coming home to if I don't step up the pace... luckily for me, my Natasha comes once a week to clean and would come while we were gone, as she offered so that we would have a nice home coming. Phew! ( I did still tidy up the place before we finally left)

So, back to the original question, do you clean the house before going on vacation? Please take my poll here: