We all have a funny bone. Some have their funny bone sticking out and visible all the time. Some people keep their funny bone hidden to the point that you are not even sure if they have one. Well let's see what you have. I need you dig deep in your anatomy and find yours. Time for you to be a comedy writer.

Every morning we come in here and try to find things to write or talk about that will interest, inform or humor you. I am more about the humor but there are days when I need a little help. This is that day. I need you to be my comedy writer.

My wife and I were shopping at Lowe's over weekend when I saw something I couldn't resist. They had a huuuuuuge inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow man just like in Ghostbusters. I want him so bad. I ran up to him and had my wife take a picture of me by him like long lost brothers reunited. Your job is simple...look at the photo above and write a funny caption for it. Let's see who really is funny.