With the amount of new stores coming to the area, and the holidays coming up, there is going to be a lot of purchases made in bulk. Do you know what not to buy in bulk though?

You can find some great deals on bulk items, that in the long run that will save you a ton of money. But what if they end up costing you money because they go bad or aren't actually a good deal?

Here is some of the things you probably should not buy in bulk for various reasons:

  • Soda (or Pop whichever you prefer): Specials for the bubbly beverage are often at the regular grocery stores or the such and have better deals that will often rotate toward the middle of month.
  • Condiments: If you aren't feeding an army, these will likely expire before they get used.
  • Bleach: Did you know that bleach degrades after 6 months? Kind of makes stocking up on this item pointless unless you use it a lot.
  • Brown Rice: Again, did you know that brown rice goes bad in 6 months? White rice, can last up to 30 years!
  • Beauty Products: Last but not least, 6 months to a year is the shelf like on most of these, then use at your own risk kind of thing.

The Coloradoan contributed to this story.