I'm not proud of it but I have done it. I had the best of intentions when I bought it but the romance faded quickly. I am talking about home exercise equipment. Years ago I broke down and bought a very nice exercise bike for the basement. I thought this would be the key to fitness. I could sit there and peddle away while watching football and get healthy. I found out those bikes are a lot of work to peddle. I used to pretend I was in Estes Park and was just coasting down to Loveland. I didn't work up much of a sweat but the imaginary scenery was spectacular.

My bike met the fate that I think a huge percentage of home gym equipment meets..it became a very expensive clothes hanger. You could hang several shirts on the handlebars and a few more on the seat and wheels. What a functional piece of equipment! Mine eventually ended up at Susan's house where she borrowed it to ride and eventually became a coat rack for her too.

How about you? Be honest now. Do you have home gym equipment that is now being used for something other than fitness? Take the poll and let me know that I am not alone.