There are many things I love and many things I hate about election time. I love that we get to pick a new leader and exercise our right to vote that our forefathers fought for. I also hate how ugly the political climate is. It turns us into such an ugly society. It seems like we are not allowed to disagree anymore. You must "believe what I believe or you are an idiot" seems to be our philosophy. Social media has given all of us a voice and I am not really sure I want to hear them all.

I try to never talk politics with my friends because there is nothing good that would come out of it. I tend to disagree with about 90% of the crap my friends post on Facebook and find myself "unfollowing" dozens of friends on a daily basis because I am so tired of seeing their rants. I will bring them back in my newsfeed once the election is over. It is not that I necessarily disagree with everything posted I just hate the meanness of it all.

I work very hard at policing my world and trying to control the energy and the attitude that I have to face each day so it doesn't effect me so much. I am one who absorbs the mood of what is around me so I try to create a positive vibe, which is very tough during election time. I find that "unfollowing" certain people on Facebook helps my mood. Do you block some friends during election time? Take the poll and let me know.