We love our fur babies and we take great care of them. Sometimes people can suck and treat them badly. Here is a case of a sad story of a stolen service dog from Colorado with a happy ending.

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A Saint Bernard was stolen from a yard in Colorado five years ago has been found alive in Missouri. Missy the service dog was found ratty, covered in fleas, but she had a microchip. "We got a hold of the owner and they couldn’t believe the animal was still alive," Said Jefferson County Ken Waller in an interview with Denver7. "They have two special needs children. This dog was a service dog for one of them."

Miss Missy who has been missing for five years will be on her way back home thanks to a woman in Missouri who has volunteered to drive her back to Colorado where she will be reunited with her rightful family sometime on Friday afternoon!

Source: DenverChannel.com