A very long time ago I started a tradition that wasn't always easy on the wallet, not only did I put candy in the baskets but little trinkets, then bigger trinkets, then things like shoes, slippers and pajamas. Now as the kids have grown older, yes I still make them baskets, I typically just load them up with their favorite candies and nostalgic toys, like wooden peg games, kaleidoscopes and silly putty. So, Northern Colorado, what's in your Easter basket?

Easter Basket, What's in Yours Northern Colorado Photodisc

Thank you for taking my poll, it's always fun to talk about Easter baskets in our house. The kids love that I still do this and it is a great way to continue old traditions and share memories. We all connect and laugh about some of the things they've gotten through the years. Here's my poll:

Here's to traditions, Happy Easter!