The colors are changing all over Colorado as the season begins to shift towards a cooler time of year. We figured that this weekend would be a good time to head up towards Rocky Mountain National Park to see some of the colors. As we drove up you could see in the distance the Aspen trees showing their gold in all of their glory! You could almost feel a bit ominous as the clouds looked like they were going to unleash their fury upon the tops of the peaks. Winter was on its way and it was apparent when we were up there. After we had our fill of the park and the sun started to set, we made our way to where the elk were at... The golf course in Estes Park! It seems as if they have made this area their little own playground. Dozens of elk were abundant on the course, so we decided to stick around for a bit to hear them bugle. As were were walking back to the car, we noticed there was one bull that somehow got trapped behind a fence.  It kind of took us back since we didn't realize he was there right until we were upon him and he bugled. Here is a quick video of the bull who seemed to be getting a little ticked off that he was on the wrong side of the fence.

If you have some time in the coming days, I suggest you get up there and see the elk for yourself as it is quite a sight!