It seems the stars and planets are ready to come together once more as Faith Hill gets ready to release her 7th studio album called "Illusion" to be released early 2013. The first single called "American Heart" will be released to radio in October but you can be the very first to hear Faith's new single today on Brand New With Barnes

Faith Hill started recording "Illusion" in March of 2011 and was in no rush to just put out another record.

I would like to have a record out, but it hasn't been the right thing yet. I don't want it to be just another record. It's a lot of work to support a record, so I just want it to be... really great. I want it to represent where I am as a woman. I don't want it to be fake. I want it to be authentic and real

I think I speak on behalf of many of us by saying her return to the stage in support of new music has been long awaited and we are excited to see what direction this new album will take her. She will reunite on stage this December with husband Tim McGraw for 8 shows during the "Soul2Soul" tour at the Venetian in Las Vegas and you can register to win a trip to one of those shows by clicking here.

The album called "Illusion" includes songs called "Overrated,"  "Flower," "600 Years" and the new single called "American Heart" that should take the country by storm.

(Click the red play button below to hear "American Heart")

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