It is likely the most frustrating season all year, fall. It really calls for a multiple personality wardrobe. Some say it's layering season, but call it what it is, all messed up.

Fall the Multiple Personality Season iStock

When you go to bed at night the room is stuffy and hot, you open a window or three and fall into a deep slumber, until about 4am when it now feels like a night in a tent on hill in Alaska. You shut the windows and wake up two hours later sweating. After you shower, you are again cold and put on your cool weather house clothes (or is that just what this writer does?)

When it's time to head off to work you are confused and don't know what to wear, once you think that you have it figured out in your cute little short sleeved shirt, you step outside and realize you need a sweater, hoodie or parka.

By 10 a.m. you need to ditch your heavy sweater, hoodie or parka. By 1 p.m. it's time to get rid of your T-shirt, now you're sitting at your desk wishing you had brought your shorts and flip-flops and wondering if you're going to get fired for basically being naked at work.

Once you leave work for the day you gather up all of your clothes and throw them in the backseat, day after day after day till all of your clothes are now in your backseat and your husband is wondering what kind of slob he married.

Solution, well, there should be one, this should be where you would get one, but really, there isn't one. Acceptance is key.

Carry on!