Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Northeast Region Twitter account has posted sad news about two unhatched eaglets. A tree that was home to the nest fell into the lake, destroying the nest and dropping the eggs into the lake.

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Bald eagles often choose trees for their nests that are high above the ground and near water. Colorado Parks and Wildlife say that it is possible that the eagles prefer the dead limbs of the trees in part due to their views not being obstructed by foliage.

The nest that fell into the water was placed in the tree at Barr Lake in Brighton in 1986. Park staff was able to recover the basket from the water. When retrieving the basket, they discovered two unhatched eaglets. Unfortunately, the eaglets did not survive the fall into Barr Lake.

Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter

Biologists will reconstruct the basket later this summer and place the bald eagle nest in a more viable tree. Pictured is the fallen nest that was photographed in January 2021.

Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter

Female bald eagles lay approximately one to three eggs that are a dull white color. The incubation of bald eagle eggs is around 35 days in total. Both female and male bald eagles keep the eggs warm during the incubation period.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife 

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