There is nothing our children want more than you. They don't need the toys or cash, they need you. When you spend time with them it lights them up like nothing purchased could ever do. We need to make sure we give them some our best instead of giving that to the world. Save some of your fun side for the little ones to see. A perfect time to showcase your fun side is planning family game night.

Kyla Flaa, TSM

My grandsons are in heaven if we ask them to sit down and play a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos or Monopoly, Trouble or just shaking dice. Games bring families together and we need more togetherness. Drop the smartphone and pick up a board game or a deck of cards and get to know each other and laugh. It just happens naturally if you are playing. Pick one night a week to be together and play. You and the family deserve and need it.