Many people go to the lake to relax. One other possibility you need to consider if you live in our part of America is that you also might be sharing that lake experience with a whole bunch of moose as one family was surprised to learn.

This sight happened in the Indian Creek Wilderness part of Colorado a few days ago. The family along with other hikers spotted this armada of moose crossing right in front of them.

Here's what they said about how this happened:

On September 16, while hiking with my father in the Indian Peaks Wilderness of Colorado, four moose jumped into Isabelle Lake on the other side. They swam across the whole lake, climbed out on our side, and galloped off down the hiking trail, to the delight of dozens of hikers.

If you've never been to this part of Colorado, it's located just to the west of Boulder.

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You just never know when nature will end up walking and/or swimming right in front of you.

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