‘Sorry guys, you just too darn loud.’ It’s a great line from 'Back to the Future' and relevant when it comes to concerts being held at Hughes Stadium. You see, after having three concerts there back in the 70s, the neighborhoods surrounding Hughes got the city to limit the allowed decibels to way below what any open-air concert would bring. So, as of January 1978, no more concerts. But, those three that DID play, Oh, man!


Doug Pensinger, Getty Images

As Hughes Stadium shuts down, it really is too bad that they couldn’t have held more concerts there; it seems like the perfect place to catch a show! However, the injunction limiting the noise at Hughes to 80 decibels, has made it impossible since 1978. So, it really comes as a surprise when you hear about the shows that DID play there before the limits were in place.

Take a look at who graced the stage at Hughes!

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