It's been almost a year since Colorado was hit with devastating floods that caused millions in damage. FEMA checks are now coming in for the City of Loveland for much needed relief.

It seems as though checks are finally coming into the City of Loveland on behalf of FEMA in response to the massive flooding last year. In fact, $1,660,979.36 is now sitting in a bank account that is earmarked to cover a portion of the reported $24 million loss as reported by the city.

The payments came from the Colorado Office of Emergency Management, the state agency that serves as a conduit for FEMA flood relief money.

The largest of the checks, around $792,458.17, is to cover mostly the money that had to be spent to save a 48-inch water pipeline, which was the City of Loveland's last remaining water source. The City also received over $750,000.00 for water and sewer line repairs and other work that had to be done on the 4' “Meadow Pipeline.”

The FEMA money is separate from what CIRSA (Colorado Intergovernmental Risk-Sharing Agency) has contributed which is over $5 million to date.