It seems like we have everything we need in the city of Fort Collins, correct? Well when the question is posed, it looks like many people wish we had more.

Sometimes it has to do with an actual business that residents wish we had in the city.

While others wish for something having to do with the infrastructure or housing in the largest city in Northern Colorado.

No matter what it was that people wish they had in Fort Collins, the answers are very different when you go from person to person.

I recently asked this question to people who belong to the "Fort Collins Question and Answer Site" on Facebook, and it elicited an overwhelming response that I didn't expect to receive.

What were some of the answers that people gave in this closed Facebook group? Here are 20 of them that stood out to us, and then we want you to choose the one that you wish we had in the city of Fort Collins.

Believe me, this question definitely makes you think!



  • 1

    Blimpies Sub Shop

    Someone said that there used to be a Blimpie Sub Shop in Fort Collins, but that one is no longer. However, if you want your Blimpie fix you can still go the closest one which is in Aurora.

    Credit: Google
  • 2

    Drop In Housing Costs

    Amen to that! While it seems like the real estate market has slowed down somewhat in the city, I think we all agree that it would be good if it slowed down a little bit more and that there were more properties available.

    Credit: Joe Belanger/Thinkstock
  • 3

    In-N-Out Burger

    I've never tried an In-N-Out Burger before, so I can say that I am experienced with their food. But this wasn't the first time I had heard of this wish to come to fruition for Fort Collins.

    Credit: Google
  • 4

    More Restaurants with a View

    I had never thought about this before, but it's exactly true. While the restaurants in Old Town are nice and you are able to sit on a beautiful patio while people walk past, it would be great to have a restaurant that gave you better views of the mountains. As one Facebook poster stated, "There is beauty out there. Why is no one taking advantage". VERY TRUE.

  • 5

    Over or Underpass for the Railway

    It seems like waiting for trains has been cut down over the past few months in Fort Collins, but those times still come where you could take a quick cat nap before one completely passes. More underpasses for these trains would make life much easier.

    Lennart Preiss, Getty Images
  • 6

    A Nudist Community

    Hmmm...I'll leave this one right here for your imagination.

    Credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images
  • 7

    Dave and Busters

    I know the perfect spot for this. Dear Front Range Village...this would be perfect in the empty Sports Authority space. Just sayin'.

    Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
  • 8

    A Fence Around It

    People moving in is progress...right?

    Credit: PupTinnarat/Thinkstock
  • 9

    Apple Store

    It actually still amazes me that we don't have one of these in the city of Fort Collins, especially with the amount of people I walk past on a daily basis using their iPhones.

    Credit: George Frey / Getty Images
  • 10

    Cheesecake Factory

    Whenever this question is posed, Cheesecake Factory is always near the top of the list for what people want. Think they would get the hint at some point in time?

    Southlake Texas/Flickr
  • 11

    Long John Silver

    Nothing like a basket of fish n' chips and cole slaw from Long John's to feed the stomach.

    Credit: Google
  • 12

    Better Transportation Options

    As one person wrote, more options for people that aren't students at CSU. While I think the MAX bus does a great job, it actually isn't a bad idea at all.

    Jenny Harding, For TSM
  • 13

    A Break from Road Construction

    I will stand at the top of a mountain and scream this at the top of my lungs if needed. It seems like there is WAY too much construction going on right now.

  • 14

    Krispy Kreme

    With the recent announcement that Panera Bread has been bought out by Krispy Kreme, maybe this will become more of a reality?

    Photo credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • 15


    This is a Chicago institution, and my guess is that it will stay that way and not look to expand to Fort Collins. But we can dream can't we?

    Credit: Google
  • 16

    Topless Bulletproof Coffee Shop

    Another one that I am just going to leave here, and let your imagination think about it.

  • 17

    Bigger Commercial Airport

    Here are my thoughts: If Colorado Springs can have their own major airport, why can't we? It doesn't need tons of flights to choose from, but having 2-3 options would be nice.

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  • 18

    Del Taco

    This is another fast food restaurant that I have never tried before, but I have heard great things about it. While there is one off of I-25 in Firestone, sounds like many people would like it here too.

  • 19

    Papa Ginos

    New Englanders know exactly what people are talking about with this one. If it ever came to Fort Collins (or Colorado), go for the Rustic Pizza. Mmmmm...

    Credit: Google
  • 20

    Minor League Baseball Team

    We do have the Fort Collins Foxes, who play their games at City Park Field. Their games truly are fun to watch. But to also have a AAA or AA team in the city? I think all of us agree that it would definitely be a draw.