2020 has made us all adjust what we're used to, including wearing a face mask when out in public. There have been times that we have all forgot to wear a mask for a second and quickly shuffled to put it on. Well, now we are hearing about ski towns in Colorado that will be very strict about some of the COVID-19 guidelines as people flock to the mountains.

According to OutThere Colorado, if you're planning on doing some skiing, snowboarding, or recreating in Summit County, then you will want to make sure you're following all of the guidelines or you could be facing a $5,000 fine and/or 18 months of jail time, depending on how big the infraction is.

You're not going to find people getting tickets for accidentally forgetting a mask for a few seconds. But if you're on the ski hill making plans with a bunch of people to come over to your lodging for a party and law enforcement shows up, you're going to be in serious trouble.

Currently, no more than two households or 10 people can be in the same lodging. This includes campground sites, hotels, motels, and short-term lodging services (AirBnB, timeshares, RV Parks, lodges, and retreats).

As you would suspect, face masks are mandatory in Summit County. All restaurants and bars are closed at 9:30 p.m.

With these ski towns dependent on tourist dollars, it's not exactly shocking to find how strict they will be when it comes to following the guidelines by their local public health department.

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