Today we read a story about a 25 year old student who is getting married to her 71 year old professor. (A 46 year age difference) Cameron Platt just finished her masters degree at the University of Oxford and is engaged to her former professor who she met while she was a sophomore five years ago. Read the full story from the New York Times Here

That forced us to ask the question - How old is too old?

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Here's five celebrity couples with big age differences:

1. Ryan Reynolds (42) and Blake Lively (31)

11 Year Difference

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2. George Clooney (57) and Amal Clooney (41)

16 Year Difference

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3. Billy Joel (69) and Alexis Roderick (36)

33 Year Difference

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4. Jason Statham (51) and Rosie Hunnington-Whiteley (33)

18 Year Difference

Charley Gallay

5. Harrison Ford (76) and Calista Flockhart (54)

22 Year Difference

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