Well the season from hell continues for the Broncos and Bronco fans. A new low was hit yesterday getting hammered by the Jay Cutler and the Dolphins. There is truly no hope for anything good to happen this year and that hurts to say. The Broncos are honestly playing the worst football in all of the NFL and that is saying a lot. Only Cleveland seems as bad as we are. Remember the 2-10 Giants beat the heck out of us so they can even feel better than the Broncos.

I know there will be a lot of folks that will be getting Bronco gear for Christmas and many already have closets full of Orange gear that they aren't pulling out like they have in years past. Here are a few things you can do with those Bronco jerseys until it feels good to pull them out for a game again.

Use them as hunting vests when you are out bagging the big one.

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You could be helpful and pretend you are a traffic cone and go stand in front of potholes to alert other drivers of upcoming danger.

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You could pretend it is a Clemson jersey and cheer them on during the college football playoff

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You could wear it during an Orange is the New Black premiere or for an upcoming incarceration.

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Continue to wear it with pride like you always do and wait for next year to dominate once again. I think this will be the most popular option.

Credit: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images