My name is Brian Gary and I am a proud resident of Greeley. I love my Greeley. I love the people and the attitude there. I was raised in a small town in North Dakota and love the small town feel. Greeley has turned into a big city but still has kept that small town feel and vibe, which I just love. I also love some of the fine foods you find in my city of Greeley. Here are a few of my favorites that you must try this summer if you are new to the area or just haven't tried yet for some reason.

Uncle Willy's - Which is actually in Evans at 3636 23rd ave. They have the most amazing chicken you will ever sink your teeth into. They also have some killer breakfast and other tasty treats like rocky mountain oysters and fantastic chili dogs, but that chicken is the best I have had in the area.

Todd Harding, TSM

Roma - Roma has sprouted to few locations in the area but the two in Greeley are just amazing. It is the kind of pizza that you can't get anywhere else. It has that delicious crust that is thin and then thick on the edge (perfect for dipping in honey) and the kind of slices you can fold. We eat this at least once a month with the taco pizza being a family favorite of ours.

Brian Gary, TSM

Alberto's - They must put magic in the green chili because it keeps you coming back time and time again. They have wonderful lunch and dinner but the breakfast burritos from the secret side door, may be the best I have ever eaten. You must try one or three of these bad boys. Each day brings a different flavor so check the schedule for when your favorite is available.

Brian Gary at Alberto's Secret Door

Fat Albert's - Hands down, the greatest Monte Cristo you will ever eat. There is nothing that is even a close second. The rest of the menu is awesome too but you will be staring at the pie display and drooling I guarantee it. Those folks make the best desserts I have ever eaten.

Monte Cristo at Fat Albert's

JB's Drive In - Take a trip back in time and pull up to a real live drive in. This place has a huge menu of foods that will make your belly smile. The best burgers in town, killer milkshakes and those kinds of old fashioned treats that you didn't think anyone made anymore. You will love this jewel of Greeley.

JB's Drive-In