Hey, we're classy like, 90% of the time, as we top national 'best of' lists pretty much all the time

Here in Fort Collins, we tend to pick on Greeley a lot, but at least they never made these headlines -- no, that was all us. Sometimes you need to know when to quit. Here are five times that we did not do that.

#1: The Post-Earth, Wind & Fire Riot (2010)

The popular disco-era band got people really Earth, Wind & Fire'd up, I guess. After their NewWestFest performance in 2010... well, I actually don't know what happened. I don't think anyone else really knows either, but somehow a mob started downtown, where rioters threw things, lit stuff on fire and got tear gassed by the SWAT team. Way to go, guys.

#2: Ram's Pointe Pool Party (2011)

I actually lived at Ram's Pointe when the Back-to-School-Move-in-Bash-Gone-Wrong happened, and managed to miss the entire thing. When I came home from work, a news truck was parked outside my unit and it looked like a hurricane of crushed Rolling Rock and PBR cans had wiped out the complex.

I even got interviewed by the paper, where I called it the 'hot tub rash move-in bash' and sounded like the biggest party pooper ever, but man, did I hate living there. I don't think they do pool parties there anymore.


*PAUSE: In 2012, we didn't have time to embarrass ourselves nationally because we were too busy burning down.* 


#3: The Party Riot (2013)

It's like #2 and #1 put together. College students raging too hard + tear gas.

#4: Stolen Ambulance (2014)

In fall of 2014, a CSU student popped some Molly (ecstasy) and then took a Poudre Valley Hospital ambulance for a joyride while EMTs were responding to a call at a student residence hall. All I can say is kids, don't do drugs.

Tracy Fox/ThinkStock
Tracy Fox/ThinkStock

#5: Smash Mouth #BreadGate (2015)

Taste of Fort Collins 2015, when we took things just a little too far with the lead singer of Smash Mouth and free bread. We really decided to push the limits here. OOPS.