Chelsea Christer graduated from Mountain View High School in Loveland a few years back. She went to San Francisco Academy of Arts studying cinematography. She has been working within the movie industry since she graduated.  Recently she set out on a journey to make a documentary about a band called The Matches.

This documentary will be part diary of their Reunion Tour, part history of the band, part examination of the state of the music industry then and now, part interviews with The Matches themselves, industry professionals, and other bands that shared the scene with The Matches.


Chelsea is raising funds for the project through the website Kickstarter. She explains in this video why she decided to make this documentary about The Matches and why she needs your help.

This video is a teaser of the documentary itself:

Bleeding Audio | Documentary Teaser | Donate to our Kickstarter Today! from Chelsea Christer on Vimeo.