According to the Coloradoan, recent city data that was released showcases the busiest intersections and they may not come as a surprise to the daily Fort Collins commuter.

While four intersections along College Avenue finished in the top ten, the number one busiest intersection is at Timberline and Harmony Roads. The research shows that just over 75,000 cars on average passed through that intersection on a daily basis. While that is the number one busiest intersection in Fort Collins, it is followed up by the following spots in the city:

2.) College Avenue and Drake Road (72,700 cars daily)

3.) Harmony Road and College Avenue (71,900 cars daily)

When looking at the longest travel times in these stretches of roads, they all come near the top in the longest commute. When looking at the ride home on a weekday afternoon, travelling from Shields to College on Drake takes an average of three minutes and 45 seconds. This commute is followed by:

- Lemay Avenue between Prospect and Mulberry (3 minutes 45 seconds)

- Harmony Road from Lemay to College (3 minutes 30 seconds)

According to the story, there are solutions that could help in alleviating the traffic delays that occur in the city. Adjusting signal timing, adding turning lanes, or widening lanes. Whatever answers the ideas lead to, it definitely will be a welcome change to commuters in the city who get stuck on a daily basis.