Ever walk throughout Old Town and think, "Man, there are so many restaurants to choose from"?

Well, food service researcher NPD Group put that thought to a statistic and found that the Fort Collins-Loveland area ranks as the city with the most "fast-casual chain restaurants" per resident.

Surprisingly, Denver ranks second.

Courtesy of Noodles and Company Official Facebook Page

According to an article in The Coloradoan:

Of the 15,728 fast-casual chain units in the U.S. Fort Collins-Loveland has 41, but it is No. 1 in terms of density with 13.14 locations per 100,000 residents, according to NPD’s Spring 2013 ReCount restaurant census. The U.S. average is five units per 100,000 residents.

Now only one thing remains, get out there and EAT!