The city of Fort Collins continues to grow, as seen by recent construction throughout the area. But did you know Fort Collins is more populated than some countries in the world?

According to Wikipedia, the estimated population of the city is close to 161,000 in 2016. We are actually the 4th biggest state in the entire state of Colorado, just behind Denver, Aurora, and Colorado Springs.

But there are more then 10 countries in the world that wish they had the population that Fort Collins has.

Here are the ten that stood out to us for being smaller than Northern Colorado's biggest city. So if you're looking for some peace and quiet, maybe you should check out some of these areas!


  • 1


    The country of Grenada is close to 60,000 people less than the city of Fort Collins, with a population of 106,349 people.

    Credit: Google
  • 2


    The country of Tonga has an estimated population of 105,586, which would make it another country that is close to 60,000 people less than Fort Collins.

  • 3

    U.S. Virgin Islands

    The U.S. Virgin Islands has a population of 104,170 people living on the small island nation.

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  • 4


    People may love to vacation on Aruba, but that doesn't help the full time residential base of the country. The estimated population in 2016 of Aruba is 103,441 people.

    Credit: Google
  • 5

    Antigua and Barbuda

    The country of Antigua and Barbuda has a year round population of 90,900 which is close to 70,000 less than Fort Collins.

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  • 6


    The country of Dominica has a population base of 72,341, as we near countries that have close to 100,000 less people than Fort Collins.

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  • 7


    Another vacation destination but this time the country of Bermuda is even much smaller than Aruba. Their year round population is 65,181.

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  • 8

    Cayman Islands

    The Cayman Islands gives us the first country with more than 100,000 less people than Fort Collins. Their population is 59,172.

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  • 9


    The country of Greenland may be a huge land mass, but barely anyone calls it home. They have a year round population base of 56,295.

    Credit: Google
  • 10

    American Samoa

    Lastly, the country of American Samoa has close to 110,000 less people than Fort Collins with a yearly population base of 55,434.

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