Fort Collins Police Services unleashed their SWAT team on a "glazed-looking" suspect on Friday.

It was the Sweets, Waffles, And Treats team, in this case.

FCPS fully and hilariously embraced the stereotype that cops love donuts on National Donut Day on Friday with the following Facebook status:

Earlier today, we received a report of a suspicious/delicious incident. The informant said he witnessed a "glazed-looking" suspect roll right past a stop sign, then proceed to do donuts in a parking lot. The SWAT (Sweets, Waffles, And Treats) team deployed in their BearClaw, and a short time later, the suspect was taken safely into custardy. His story was full of holes, and it was a piece of cake for the informant to identify him in a photo lineup. The suspect later apologized and said he felt crummy about any damage he may have caused. Happy #NationalDonutDay! 🍩

This wasn't the first (and hopefully isn't the last) time FCPS had jokes. On April 20, the official marijuana holiday, they posted a status on their Facebook page full of pot puns like, "If you're ganja consume marijuana, weed preefer that you do it safely." Keep it up, y'all!

In all realness, though, cops really do love donuts - and it looks like they're teaching K9s like Zeus here how to love them, too!