Fort Collins is all about helping you save money and energy. They are so supportive of saving energy they have a program designed to let you borrow up to 15 thousand dollars.

Fort Collins Utilities Loan Program TSM

If you participate in the Home Efficiency Program to conserve energy and water you may be eligible for energy rebates, water efficient appliance upgrades and financing for projects. Projects must fit eligibility standards.

The first step is to get a Home Efficiency Audit, this is offered for a small fee. The audit includes a free consultation from an energy adviser. This process could lead to potential rebates, improvement recommendations and a connection to participating contractors.

When you become a program participant and decide to make cost-efficient changes to your home, you'll likely be eligible for a loan to complete the project. Low-cost loans range from one thousand to 15 thousand and are put on your monthly utility bill for your convenience.

Stop thinking about making energy and water saving changes to your home and start doing with the City of Fort Collins.