This is the time of year when you start to see all sorts of country celebrities showing up on different types of shows to promote country music and the upcoming ACM Awards. The Price is Right game show has been one of the big supporters of the show throughout the years with country stars showing up on the show to promote the ACM's. Lee Brice did it a few years back and so did Montgomery Gentry four years ago today.

I have always wanted to be on a game show. I have had dreams of being on Jeopardy but just am not quite smart enough...okay I'm not even close. I could put on a ridiculous outfit and try to get on Let's Make a Deal but I really don't like that show. I think The Price is Right is one show that any one of us might be able to handle. There is always a game that even the clueless might be able to win. I wait patiently for my chance to hear "Brian Gary come on down", until then I will just keep watching and preparing.

Here is peak behind the scenes of that visit Montgomery Gentry paid to Drew Carey a few years ago and also I included a special from GSN called "Celebrities and Game Shows" that Chuck Woolery hosted years ago.