Whether you are religious or not, this story of praying in public just kind of baffled me.  Oh wait, there is a discount too.

As KDVR reported, at a restaurant in North Carolina, you can get 15 percent discount on your meal, if you pray before you eat.

The owner of a restaurant in Winston-Salem, N.C., likes to watch people pray before they eat.  Only if it’s seen though, will you get a 15 percent discount on your meal.  She says it's about having a moment, no matter who or what they believe in.  It's about being thankful.

The owner of Mary’s Gourmet Diner, said this discount is not promoted, and that the wait staff does not have to give the discount.

So does this shine a shameful eye on religion, promote it, or even make a mockery of it?  Or is this whole thing being blown way out of proportion?