Nothing screams 'Girls Night Out' more loudly than a fun time painting and sharing some wine. Yep, 'Girls Night Out' just got a little more interesting check this out.

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The really great thing about this new expressive fun is that you don't have to be uber talented or creative. You and some friends or a special person in your life grab a glass of wine, sit down and paint.

Don't worry it isn't a free for all and you won't be made to sit and stare at a blank canvas until you are hit with inspiration. There will be an instructor that has a painting concept for the group and he/she will lead you through every stroke. Although there is typically a set picture theme, few really ever turn out exactly the same as each stroke instruction is left to your particular interpretation. The result? A really good time, some laughs and girlfriend bonding! What could be wrong with that?

Here's where the volume gets turned up on this concept. You can enter right now to win a $50 gift certificate to a wine and painting place of your choice. Yep, get entered now and get set to have a blast.

Most establishments have a requirement that you be 18 or older to participate however some either allow children or host special family events when the under 18 kiddos can tag along.

Need help entering? It's pretty easy, just click right here! Did you click here yet? What are you waiting for, click now.