Every town has them. Those foods you can only get at that one place in town. The kind of foods you take people who visit out to try. The kind of foods that you miss and crave when you move away cause no where else on the globe will you find them. You won't find them in chain restaurants. Greeley is loaded with such places. I decided to put together a list of the top 5 in town that I know I would miss horribly if I ever moved away.

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    Alberto's Breakfast Burritos

    There is no better breakfast burrito period. I lived in Greeley for 10 years before I ever found out about these tasty little devils. I didn't know about the "secret" side door that opens to burrito heaven from 7-10:30 Monday though Saturday. They feature different burritos for each day of the week so get to know the schedule and memorize it. You will have your choice of mild, half and half or hot. I go half and half and that is plenty of a kick for me. Alberto's is located at 2605 West 11th St Rd in Greeley. Go to the "secret" west breakfast burrito door and get ready for your taste buds to dance. There is also an Alberto's Express at 5415 West 11th St for your enjoyment.

    Brian Gary at Alberto's Secret Door
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    Roma Pizza

    Located practically on the campus of UNC at 728 16th St in Greeley you will find the uniquely delicious Roma Pizza. They have a killer thin foldable crust and gooey cheese that pulls away from the slice with you as you try to pull yourself away from it. They are also famous for their caroli and the Bazooka to quench your thirst. Roma also knows the financial struggles of a college student and offers a 1/2 price coupon on their website at RomaGreeley.com. For those who set up camp near the west end of town, they have a location at 5750 West 10th St.

    Roma Pizza
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    Monte Cristo at Fat Albert's

    This favorite little spot of mine is about to celebrate it's 30th anniversary of feeding Greeley. I just love this place. Sue and the whole staff there always make me feel so welcome and honestly is the most consistent restaurant in town. I have eaten there countless times and have never had a meal that was anything but delicious. When you walk in the door your eyes are assaulted by a case holding the most incredible array of pies you have ever craved. I tried to take a picture of it but kept trembling when I approached it and none of them turned out. They know how to party at Fat Albert's too, on the 17th of every month they celebrate St. Patty's Day with corned beef and cabbage and green beer. The Monte Cristo is the bad boy that they are most famous for though. Turkey, ham and swiss, batter dipped and served with raspberry preserves and a bottle of honey and surrounded by a pile of crinkle cut fries. One bite and I was hooked for life just like the rest of Greeley. Check them out for yourself at 1717 23rd Ave

    Monte Cristo at Fat Albert's
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    Brian Gary Burger at Randy's All American Grill

    Now obviously I feel this is number one but it is only a few years old in it's existence so I will wait another year or two before I put it on top. Fonzie had his Arnold's and I have my Randy's. This is where you will find me several days a week dining on fish, chicken, pot roast sammies, kickin' taters or, of course, the Brian Gary Burger. Several years ago I ambushed Randy with an idea for a burger. He said if he made it and liked it, he and Margaret would put it on the menu. I made the cut. Now this burger is not for the weak of heart. This is the kind of bad boy that Adam from Man vs. Food would have to eat a few of in a food challenge. Take one of Randy's mouth-watering toasted rolls topped with a couple of hamburger patties, a few slices of cheese, a few strips of bacon, a few deep fried mozzarella cheese sticks and top it off with two of the area's tastiest Rocky Mountain oysters. Now that my friend is mountain of goodness. I have sat and watched skinny little 15 year old girls pound this burger down and it just amazes me. I accidently ordered one of their ridiculous shakes before my burger once and nearly burst open...but I would have gone doing what I love. You will find Randy's at 2118 35th Ave in the Westlake Village beside King Soopers.

    Brian Gary Burger, TSM
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    Anything at JB's Drive-In

    JB's has been serving up legendary goodness for nearly 75 years in Greeley at 2501 8th Ave. You feel like you are taking a trip back in time just pulling up to the place. They have the menu boards at your car like in the day or pop in and sit at a booth and pick up the phone at the table and call it in when you are ready. Generation after generation of happy customers have made JB's the most iconic dining place in town. The chicken, the shrimp, the corn dogs, those fries, oh my those fries, perhaps the best root beer float you will ever taste and of course, the burgers. When I think of a diner burger, my mind immediately pictures what JB's delivers. Fresh local meat makes all the difference in the world and JB's wouldn't have it any other way. On my way for a Double Double. See you there. Who did I miss? Share with us

    JB's Drive-In