Scarebnb this spooky season in a Gothic hotel, if you dare... Starting at just $25 per night (this depends on what nights you book, however), you'll scream at this hotel's killer rates. Or you'll scream because you see the ghost of an old miner. Either way, you'll scream. 

The Black Monarch in Victor, Colorado is a Victorian-era hotel that was rebuilt after a fire in the late 1800s, the listing says. It was formerly a brothel, casino and saloon beautifully surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in a small mining town.

Black Monarch Airbnb

You can skip the high price of The Stanley Hotel this October and book a bargain room at this Airbnb, where guests say they have experienced the paranormal.

Black Monarch Airbnb

'Around 22:00 I told my son to shut the bedroom door, in which he did,' one reviewer said. 'He crawled into bed and ever so slowly the doorknob on the door began to turn, our heads whipped towards each other to confirm what we were seeing. The wooden door slowly creaked open, only to reveal...nothing, only an empty hallway. There were a few other strange occurrences, but I would encourage you to check it out for yourself. This has been by far one of my favorite AirBnB stays yet.'

The Black Monarch has several rooms; book your stay here.