The windshield is here! Woo hoo! You may remember a couple weeks ago I took the ride from hell on my motorcycle. We went to Topeka and back with 60 mile an hour headwinds and me with no windshield. I am happy to say those days are over. No longer will my buddies ride with me and laugh as I scoop endless chunks of exploded bug carcass off my face. I will not get a swollen face from a daredevil hornet attacking my lips. I will no longer feel the pressure of the wind on my chest like being sat on by a fat older brother. Riding just got a lot easier.

After over 5 years of riding with no break from the wind, I finally broke down and bought a quick release detachable windshield. I am thrilled. I stopped by Charley's place on Saturday and he slapped that bad  boy on for me in no time. I am a happy rider. You will notice my big bug free smile from a mile away. Ride safe my friends.