I am the first to admit that my brain does not work like most brains. I tend to wonder about stuff that others have no clue or interest in. I march to my own beat and I think it is funky as heck. This is the latest question that popped into my misshaped melon. I got to thinking about "Dick's" in country music.

Country music has had thousands of artists through the years. We have had guys named Garth, Faron, Dierks, Ferlin, Porter, Merle and Waylon all with hit songs but one name I never see is Dick. I was wondering how many guys named Dick have had hits songs. I looked and looked and looked and only came up with one Dick and one Dickey.

Dickey Lee had a number one hit with “Rocky” in 1975 and 3 other top 10’s in the 70’s. The only other one I could find was Dick Curless who it number 5 in 1965 with a song called “A Tombstone Every Mile”. I knew it wasn’t a name that hit the charts frequently but was surprised at how few there were. If your name is Dick, grab a guitar and learn to play. You could become the most popular Dick in the history of music.