October is here, which means it's time to hit up some of the great haunted houses that Colorado has to offer. First one to see? Haunted Field of Screams in Thornton.I had the chance to check out the Haunted Field of Screams for the first time over the last weekend of September, and I didn't walk away disappointed.

Haven't heard of the Haunted Field of Screams? I hadn't heard of it until fall started, and now I have it marked down as a "must see" each Halloween.

The park is divided into three different parks:

We first started our night taking a walk through the Haunted Field of Screams, which is essentially a path through a corn field where you encounter many different haunts throughout. With the moon shining above us and clouds rolling in as the night went on, the stage was set for a hauntingly great night.

Credit: Haunted Field of Screams

The walk through the Haunted Field of Screams lasted us about 25-30 minutes, with different themes throughout. We walked into the school bus which had some "interesting" characters, the Asylum, as well as the "Freak Factory". Many of the characters personalized their scare towards what your reaction was, which makes it that much more memorable.

The next park we walked into was the "Dead Man's Night Maze". The name of it explains the park perfectly, as you need to find your way out of the corn maze, while having encounters with some scary figures along the way. Chainsaws, fire crackers, and scary laughs are all used throughout the maze. If you have a good sense of direction, you can be assured you should be out of the maze in 10-15 minutes. Not good with direction?

Well, don't say we didn't warn you! Hahaha...

We wrapped up the night going through the Zombie Paintball Massacre, and if you need to get out your aggression's, this is the perfect way to do it! The name explains it all. You drive around the park while being able to shoot paintballs at rogue zombies. If you've been completely scared by what you saw in the other two parks, this is the perfect opportunity to be able to relax while having fun at the same time.

Credit: Haunted Field of Screams

Lastly, how do I know that the Haunted Field of Screams is one of the best in Colorado? We ended up going through the first park for a second time before we called it a night, and they were able to scare me EVEN MORE than the first time we walked through!

If you can do that, two thumbs up for you!

I give the Haunted Field of Screams five out of five zombies. This is definitely a scary time that you want to embark on this season.

The Haunted Field of Screams is open Thursday - Sunday until October 29th, and they wrap up the season on Tuesday, October 31st. You can get your scare on until 10 p.m. on Thursday and Sunday, and until midnight Friday and Saturday.

They are located at 10451 McKay Road in Thornton, which is right off of 104th.

Credit: Google