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It's officially the holiday season (and you can't tell me any differently), so that means it's time to start on the decor. The centerpiece of any holiday display? The tree. 

Maybe you don't want a plain old green tree, though. Maybe you want something different. Maybe you want something cozy, or tech-savvy, or bright and shimmery. No matter what your personality is, we've found a tree for every Northern Colorado resident.

1. The tree for those with a limited amount of space

Apartment dwellers, I'm looking at you. I mean, you can only fit so much stuff into a single one-bedroom apartment, so don't try to shove a massive, fat tree in, too. Here's a tall, skinny tree that will satisfy your Christmas fix without taking up a ton of room.

National Tree Company on Amazon

2. The tree for the tech-savvy

Now, this tree is impressive. You can blow your guests away with your Alexa-compatible Mr. Christmas tree, which, according to the product description, allows you to "select the lighting color, turn the tree lights on/off or schedule your tree to turn on at the same time every day."

Mr. Christmas on Amazon

3. The tree for those people who are excited but not that excited, you know?

Yeah, the holidays are here, but I'm not gonna get crazy about it, you know? I'll show everyone that I've got a tree and everything, but it's just right here on my counter for a little bit of cheer and it's small and whatever. It's not like I'm going bananas over it, okay?

Prextex on Amazon

4. The tree for the nontraditional Christmas lover

Growing up, I always wanted a bright white Christmas tree, but my mom was more of a fan of the traditional evergreen. When I finally got my own place, one of the first things I bought was a white Christmas tree, because it's all about aesthetic, you know? Be nontraditional. Get the white Christmas tree.

GoPlus on Amazon

5. The tree for the classic Christmas lover

Do you want to feel like you live inside of a Thomas Kinkade painting? Do you watch It's A Wonderful Life every year? Do you cry at the first snow of the season? Then this tree might be the one for you.

Best Choice Products on Amazon

6. The tree for the little princess in your life

Maybe it's you. Maybe it's your husband. Maybe it's your grandma. Whoever your little princess is, surprise her or him with a bright pink tree. I've said it once and I'll said it again: don't deny your aesthetic. Embrace it!

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