Okay, let's get down to serious business here. Where the heck is all the toilet paper?!

The Coronavirus has infiltrated Colorado, but the virus doesn't mess up your stomach. Leading me to wonder... Am I missing something?

Patrick Madison posted pictures of stores in the Windsor Town Watch Facebook group that are out of toilet paper and I must say it is a little scarce.

"Safeway (Top), King Scoopers (Bottom Left), and Dollar Tree (Bottom Right) all out or very slim pickings by 11 am on Sunday March 8th," Patrick posted to Facebook.

Patrick Madison Facebook Post

Of course, I am not alone in my curiosity as to what exactly people are doing with the elusive toilet paper around town.

Jody Bowland Gilloth on Facebook

The clues are adding up, but I believe this is my favorite explanation of why the TP is gone.

After a little research, I found that news sources are reporting that if you get diagnosed with the Coronavirus you might have to be quarantined for 14 days.

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