When Hostess closed it's doors many of us thought the world was coming to an end. With the iconic Twinkie about to disappear, many wondered how we would survive without the snack cake that could live through a nuclear blast. Well, our nightmare is almost over!

In less than two weeks, many's favorite snack cake will be back on the shelves of your local grocery store.  However, some may be a bit frozen.  For the first time ever, Hostess will be shipping about 10% of their product frozen.

A select number of retail customers - representing about 10 percent of our distribution - have explicitly requested to receive frozen product. This allows them to date the product for freshness, provides flexibility in filling their shelves, and has no impact on the quality or taste of our products. The choice is up to our customers - Hostess spokesperson Hannah Arnold

Wait, I thought the Twinkie could live for a hundred years and now they want to freeze them to keep them fresh? The truth actually is that the Twinkie starts to break down after n bout two weeks.  It's simple science and the popular myth that the Twinkie has an infinite shelf life simply isn't true.

However, in 1999 President Bill Clinton decided to include Twinkies in the "millennial time capsule" So technically, at least one Twinkie (or box of) will last forever marking it truly a piece of our national history.

Twinkie History Note:  The Twinkie originally had a banana flavored centered but when there was a banana shortage during WWII, the company went with a vanilla flavored center. After the war ended, people preferred the new center over the original banana flavored center so they left it as is.

Long live the Twinkie!