What an amazing weekend this was. I got to experience something I have never done in my life. I was sitting in the front row for the Bronco/Viking game on Saturday. I have never been so close to the action in my life and will never forget it. Miles the Bronco mascot made it even special for us, which you will see in this article. I cannot thank my son and his bride Kia enough for sharing this with me. I am forever grateful.

Nick Flaa, TSM

Saturday was my granddaughter Kirzi's 4th birthday and she got to celebrate by going to her first Bronco game and was given the royal treatment. She was in heaven getting to high five all the cheerleaders as they took the field. She could not quit smiling. Kirzi was holding a sign for Case Keenum that said they were both #4 this year hoping to get his attention.

Kia Kassman, TSM

The NFL camera crew got her in several shots because she was so adorable. At one point Miles, the Bronco's mascot, saw Kirzi and her sign. All of the sudden there was a big ole horse sitting on the railing right in front of us. Kirzi was scared to death and dove into her dad's lap for protection.

Kia Kassman, TSM

Miles just wanted a high five but she was having none of that. The rest of my family was more than thrilled to high five this huge star. That was so cool.

Kia Kassman, TSM

We are a family of die hard Viking fans who love the Broncos as well so this was the perfect game to see. Kirzi had a great birthday and Papa got to have an experience that he will never ever forget. Thank you to my wonderful family for this incredible night and to my bride Kyla who spent the night with our newest family member, little Nixon, all alone for the night. We were all winners...except the Broncos, but that will come.

Brian Gary, TSM