Apparently seeing one of your favorite singers is not only a heck of a good time, it can also be good for your health. Sounds crazy but this weekend at the Douglas County Fair in Castle Rock it happened at the Cody Johnson show.

Kyla Flaa, TSM

I am a big Cody Johnson fan and have all of his records but had never seen him live. Saturday night he was playing a show at the Douglas Country Fair in Castle Rock and my bride Kyla and I were invited down to check it out and hang with Cody. Even though I am fighting these damn kidney stones we decided to go for it. I never knew it would be medically beneficial.

Brian Gary, TSM

I got to meet Cody and had a great time getting to spend some time visiting together and then saw his show, which was amazing. Listening to his set made us start moving and dancing uncontrollably, okay we were really just moving out of the way for the dancers who really knew what they were doing, and feeling the music. You can't help it at a Cody show.

Brian Gary, TSM

The next day after all the activity at the show I started passing a quarry of kidney stones. I must have blasted at least seven pieces of those little devils out yesterday. I just kept a dixie cup by the toilet to keep adding to the pile. They will now have a lot less to dig out when I go in for the final retrieval tomorrow. Thanks for the great show and the accidental medical benefits of your show Cody.