In my house, our dog is considered a family member. We don't leave our pup outside for long, and certainly not long enough for her to find her way into any trouble.

With the impending sub-zero temperatures forecasted this weekend in Northern Colorado, it's always nice to know what your dog can handle when it comes to the sometimes-frigid winters of Northern Colorado.

Bruce Bennett, ThinkStock Images

According to, when temperatures start to get to around 25 degrees for certain breeds, the cold can start to become life-threatening.

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Of course, the bigger the dog, the lower the temperatures can go before the dangers of cold weather can start to happen. For some of the larger breeds, temperatures can get down to about 10 degrees before becoming potentially life-threatening. has created an infographic to give you a better understanding as to what your dog may be able to tolerate when it comes to cold weather.


It is always best to take caution when it comes to cold weather with your dog.

When the temperatures are going to be as cold as they are this weekend, with lows dipping down to at least ten below zero, a quick out to do their business and back inside may be the best plan to avoid any possible harm to your furry friend.


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