It's a big job being a parent. You want to say yes to everything, sometimes you can't afford it and sometimes you just can't see why it might be a good idea. Parenthood is a constant battle with yourself on the right way and wrong way to do this thing. Here's a small list of some really basic things to keep your kids happy and healthy.

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  • Kids need a lot of sleep, make sure that they are getting enough each night and set up a routine that is fun and involves you and your child, from brushing teeth to singing a favorite song or reading a book.
  • Make sure your child is eating healthy, not always and easy task, but setting up healthy eating habits now will stick with them through adulthood.
  • Limit junk food and soda. Extra sugars add fat and destroy developing teeth.
  • See what you can do as a family out of doors, even if it's walking the dog, this gets both of you moving and gives you a chance to talk and laugh.
  • Without any pressure get your child involved in sports, they will heighten their social skills in a positive way, learn to work with others, experience success and failure and will get exercise.
  • Limit TV and game time. Kids have forgotten how to self entertain which was a huge factor in our generations development and social maturity.
  • Teach them about the harmful effects of smoking and drinking, there is so much of it today in life and on tv and in movies that it is best to address it rather than letting them develop the wrong ideas on their own.
  • Keep them well by teaching them how to protect themselves. Make sure they know to wash their hands regularly, to blow their nose in a tissue, cough in the crook of their arm and wash their hands (yes, I know that I said that one twice, it's important)
  • Talk to your child daily about life and possible stressers at school or home. Extra pressure on your child will result in enhanced stress and that could affect their overall health and mindset.
  • Teach them to cross the street, not talk to strangers, to tell you when they have cut themselves (so you can properly cleanse and bandage them) and just the basics. The more they know what to look out for the safer and healthier and happier they'll be.