The recent Colorado floods have caused devastation to property, roads, and to people's lives. The amount of damage done to our dear state has caused distress and concern among us all and has left us with the question: how do we help those in need?

Todd Harding, TSM

Kevin L. Mullin, director of development at Weld Food Bank in Greeley, gives out a few helpful tips on how to help your community in need.

One of his biggest tips is that if you plan on making a monetary contribution towards flood relief, please make sure that it is a reputable charity that is soliciting you.

Kevin goes on to say:

  If it is a group that you have never heard of, check with the BBB or the Secretary of State’s office.  So many times when there are disasters that occur in our country, we hear stories about people going door-to-door soliciting for the American Red Cross and other scams.  The American Red Cross rarely, if ever, solicits door to door.

If you are ever in doubt about the situation, you can always consult with your local chapter.

Though all contributions are appreciated and generous, at times many of them are not needed. .  If you are going to give clothing, food, furniture, etc, please communicate with the organization and make sure that these items are actually needed.

Kevin also states that many people wish to give their time and energy to help out certain organizations.

There are many charities that can use your volunteer hours, but please check with the group ahead of time to make sure that they need help at the time you are available.  Communicating with the charity can make you aware of any special skills needed, locations where volunteers are being deployed, times of day or night when you are needed, equipment required, etc.

We live in a very giving community, and there is strong hope that we will rebuild this beautiful state over time.

If you wish to contact Kevin directly, he can be reached at

(970) 356-2199 x304,, or through his blog: