Bug Day is a pretty adequate title for the free event coming up at Bath Nursery where you can be a part of a huge lady bug release. 20,000 to be exact. We went a few years ago and it was incredible to see what that many lady bugs being released into the open, looks like. It was magical and a little creepy. Literally, they were all over us and all over the ground.

It's a free event on Saturday, August 13th well worth taking the kids to experience. There will also be a chance to check out rare bugs with Dr. Mikes Bag o' Bugs.

From the Bath Garden Center Website:

For children who love all things creepy and crawly!
It’s a great day to teach children the importance of insects.


11-1 Bug contest

11-1 Insect inspired crafts

1pm Dr Mikes Bag o Bugs

2pm Release of 20,000 ladybugs