Never fails when something or someone does well, people will talk. The Hunger Games, the movie is no exception.

I have heard the talk and I have seen the movie and this mom says "it's A-Okay"!

The Hunger Games, the first in a trilogy; another story that goes from the pages in a book to the big screen has managed to stay number one at the box office for three weeks. Easter weekend saw the movie bring in 33.5 million dollars, bringing the movies total to date to 302.8 million. The three week total has taken the film to record breaking status.The Sequel, the second of a total of three is set to go into production this summer with a proposed release of November 2013.


Now that we have the gossip out of the way, before you start gossiping about D and how she says the movie is A-Okay, let me set up my reasoning. My Colton has always been a disinterested reader. He has read for school assignments, but rarely ever read on his own. The Hunger Games was the first book that ever sparked him. He enjoyed others before, 'Shiloh" something about a Tiger and others, but this book series changed my occasional reader into an avid reader.  He has read the Hunger Games two and a half times (he is halfway through the book which will make it his third read) and has read 'Catching Fire' twice. I understand the series, especially the third book are quite violent at times, but a child that doesn't read is far more a crime than fictional drama written down in a book. (the evening news or Google headlines have been much more violent in the recent past)