Free money is free money, grab it while you can Fort Collins. The deadline is looming and we don't want you to miss out. Check out the money details here.


Here's the deal on putting some money back into your pocket. And it all starts with your grass. Well, kind of and kind of not. The cash secret is in your mower.

A mind-blowing fact from the City of Fort Collins is that a regular gas-powered mower can produce the same amount of pollution as 11 cars. The type of pollution pumped out by your mower and other like lawn care devices help to create the formation of ground level ozone. What's the big deal? This type of pollution contributes to an increase in cardio-pulmonary disease, lung damage and can even lead to premature death.

The money is here for the taking if you have replaced your gas-powered lawn and garden equipment with manual, electric or battery operated equipment. But hurry, your money opportunity is coming to a close. Rebate forms have to be submitted to the city by July 7, 2015.

Fort Collins residents can get up to $50 in rebates through the 2015 Lawn and Garden Equipment Rebate Program. Get all the details here.